Friday, September 6, 2019

How much you know Jane Eyre?

1. With whom does Jane originally live?

 Eliza, John, Georgiana, and Mrs. Reed

 St. John

 Mr. Rochester

 Mr. Brocklehurst

2. Who first recommends that Jane attend school?

 Mr Brocklehurst

 Madame Mope

 Miss Reed

 Mr Lloyd

3. Which two people are kind to Jane while she stays at Lowood school?

 Mr. Brocklehurst and Miss Temple

 Helen Burns and Miss Temple

 Mr. Brocklehurst and Helen Burns

 The Maid and Miss Temple

4. For whom does Jane begin to work (after leaving Lowood)?

 Mr. Rochester

 John Reed

 St. John

 Her Father

5. What is the identity of the mysterious fortune teller?

 Diana Rivers


 Mr. Rochester

 Miss Fairfax

6. Mr. Rochester is in love with whom?

 Mr Briggs

 Mary Ingram


 Blanche Ingram

7. Why don't Jane and Mr. Rochester marry?

 Mr. Rochester has a wife yet living

 Mr Briggs kidnaps Jane

 Mr. Rochester is gay

 The wedding would be too costly

8. Why does Jane Eyre tell St. John to "have mercy"?

 He is killing her

 He is proposing to her

 He is killing Mr Rochester

 He is committing suicide

9. Why does Jane leave the Rivers?

 Miss Oliver wants the position

 She believes she can hear Mr. Rochester calling to her

 St. John fires her

 She recieves a message from her father

10. What became of Mr. Rochester in the fire?

 He was killed

 He was blinded

 He lost his arms

 His favourite jacket was torn

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