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Important Facts for NET exam

Some important facts for NET exam
1.According to Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci hegemony involves a degree of consent on the part of subject people.
2. Correct pattern of writing bibliography
First name
The title of the essay
The title of the journal
Issue number
The year of publication
Page number
3.D.H. Lawrence calls a novel " a bright book of life ".
4.French philosopher Jacques Derrida says " There is nothing outside the text ".

5.Harold Bloom was an American critic who wrote influential commentaries on such poets as Shelly, Blake and Yeats. He published such titles as
The Anxiety of Influence
A Map of Misreading
Poetry and Repression
The Western Canon
He famously said that "most literary criticism is but slightly disguised religion "
6.There is no one feminism now, in fact there are feminisms such as
Material Feminism
Post Feminism
Postmodern Feminism
Eco Feminism
Marxist Feminism
Radical Feminism
Dalit Feminism
7. We all know that Naipaul criticised India in his famous book "An Area of Darkness " and Nissim Ezekiel who was highly critical in his views regarding India but he criticised Naipaul in his essay "Naipaul's India and Mine ".
8.New Historicism blurs distinctions among literary, non-literary and cultural texts, showing how all three intercirculate, share in, and mutually constitute each other. "
8.Register is a technical term which is used for a variety of language used in social situations or one specially designed for the subject it deals with.
9.Following poems by Nissim Ezekiel are written in typical Indian English
A. The Railway Clerk
B. Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T. S
C. Soap
D. The Patriot
10. Interlanguage is a term by the famous linguist M. A. K. Halliday. It is a distinct stage in a learner's progress in the study of a second language.

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