Friday, September 6, 2019

Jane Eyre Quiz

1. John Reed abused Jane Eyre when she was small, but the guilt was always hers. What room was she locked in after one of those incidents described in the book?

 Red room

 White room

 Blue room

 Yellow room

2. Who in Gateshead Hall was the nicest to Jane?



 Miss Abbot


3. Did Jane want to go to school?



4. How does Mr. Brocklehurst, the treasurer of Lowood, humiliate Jane?

 He makes Jane clean all the floors in the school

 He refuses to acknowledge Jane when she tries to talk to him

 He orders Jane to wear a dress with a hole in it

 He tells the whole school that Jane is a liar

5. After finishing Lowood school, Jane stays there as a teacher for two more years. What makes her look for another employment?

 Ms. Temple gets married and goes away

 Mrs. Reed makes Mr. Brocklehurst fire Jane because she still hates her

 Bessie comes and tells that she has a better employment for Jane

 She is contacted by Mrs. Fairfax and offered a better salary

6. True or false: On the road where Mr. Rochester and Jane meet, Jane knows who Mr. Rochester is before he finds out that she is the governess in the house.



7. What would be the best description of Mr. Rochester?

 Ugly and cynical

 Plain and shy

 Handsome and arrogant

 Fairly good-looking and kind

8. Right after Mr. Rochester proposes to Jane, what is one question she asks him?

 Why did he decide to dress as a gypsie?

 Why did not he fire Grace Poole after the fire incident?

 Why was he pretending that he was going to marry Blanche Ingram?

 Why did not he not tell her that he loved her earlier?

9. Ironically, who were Mary, Diana, and St.John Rivers that helped Jane when she was without any money or place to go?

 Her father's best friends

 Her sisters and a brother

 Her cousins

 Her nieces and a nephew

10. What job did St. John find for Jane after she was taken in?

 A teacher

 A dressmaker

 A governess

 A servant

11. True or false: St. John spent some of his time teaching girls in a charity school.



12. How did St. John find out that Jane Elliott, the name Jane took after running away from Thornfield, was actually Jane Eyre?

 He recognized her from the pictures that were sent around by Mr. Rochester

 He noticed a letter on the desk that was addressed to her

 He saw her name sewn on the inside of her dress

 He saw her name written on a piece of paper on her desk

13. What does St. John Rivers propose to Jane?

 To marry him and stay at Moor House

 To marry him and go to India together

 To go to India together and pass her as his sister

 To marry him and travel all over the world together

14. What happens to Thornfield Hall by the end of the book?

 There is a fire

 There is an earthquake

 There is a flood

 There are new owners

15. Did Jane eventually marry Mr. Rochester?



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