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Paradise Lost long Quiz

Paradise Lost Questions

1. Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub?

(A) Michael

(B) Uriel

(C) Raphael

(D) Abdiel


2. Which of the following forms does Satan not take?

(A) Angel

(B) Toad

(C) Cormorant

(D) He takes all of these forms


3. In what book does the fall take place?

(A) Book VIII

(B) Book X

(C) Book IX

(D) Book VII


4. In which book of the Bible does the story of Adam and Eve occur?

(A) Leviticus

(B) Exodus

(C) Genesis

(D) Deuteronomy


5. Which devil advocates a renewal of all-out war against God?

(A) Belial

(B) Moloch

(C) Mammon

(D) Beelzebub


6. What is Milton’s stated purpose in Paradise Lost?

(A) To assert his superiority to other poets

(B) To argue against the doctrine of predestination

(C) To justify the ways of God to men

(D) To make his story hard to understand


7. Which of the following is not a character in Paradise Lost?

(A) Night

(B) Agony

(C) Discord

(D) Death


8. Which angel wields a large sword in the battle and wounds Satan?

(A) Michael

(B) Abdiel

(C) Uriel

(D) Satan is not injured


9. When Satan leaps over the fence into Paradise, what does Milton liken him to?

(A) A snake slithering up a tree

(B) A germ infecting a body

(C) A wolf leaping into a sheep’s pen

(D) A fish leaping out of water


10. Which angel tells Adam about the future in Books XI and XII?

(A) Raphael

(B) Uriel

(C) Michael

(D) None of the above


11. Which of the following is not found in Hell?

(A) Gems

(B) Gold

(C) Oil

(D) Minerals


12. Which statement about the Earth is asserted as true in Paradise Lost?

(A) It was created before God the Son

(B) Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain

(C) The Earth is a lotus flower

(D) The Earth revolves around the sun


13. Which devil is the main architect of Pandemonium?

(A) Mulciber

(B) Mammon

(C) Moloch

(D) Belial


14. How many times does Milton invoke a muse?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four


15. Who leads Adam and Eve out of Paradise?

(A) God

(B) The Son

(C) Michael

(D) Raphael


16. Which of the following poets does Miltonemulate?

(A) Virgil

(B) Homer

(C) Both Virgil and Homer

(D) Neither Virgil or Homer


17. What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost?

(A) The fight between good and evil

(B) Heaven’s battle and Satan’s tragic fall

(C) The creation of the universe

(D) Adam and Eve’s disobedience


18. Which devil is Satan’s second-in-command?

(A) Mammon

(B) Sin

(C) Moloch

(D) Beezlebub


19. Who discusses cosmology and the battle of Heaven with Adam?

(A) God

(B) Eve

(C) Raphael

(D) Michael


20. Which scene happens first chronologically?

(A) Satan and the devils rise up from the lake in Hell

(B) The Son is chosen as God’s second-in-command

(C) God and the Son create the universe

(D) The angels battle in Heaven


21. Which of the angels is considered a hero for arguing against Satan?

(A) Abdiel

(B) Uriel

(C) Michael

(D) Raphael


22. In an attempt to defeat God and his angels, what do the rebel angels make?

(A) A fortress

(B) A catapult

(C) A large sword

(D) A cannon


23. According to Paradise Lost, which of the following does God not create?

(A) The Son

(B) Adam and Eve

(C) Computers

(D) He creates everything


24. Who does Milton name as his heavenly muse?

(A) Titania

(B) Urania

(C) Virgil

(D) Michael


25. What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious?

(A) Go in search of her mate

(B) Talk to the animals

(C) Look at her reflection in a stream

(D) Eat of the Tree of Knowledge


2:  Who are Satan's daughter and son?
a. Chaos and Night
b. Adam and Eve
c. Sin and Death
d. Beezlebub and Belial


3:  Who cast the rebellious angels into Hell?
a. God
b. The Son
c. Gabriel
d. Michael


4:  From which tree are Adam and Eve prohibited from eating?
a. Tree of Life Everlasting
b. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
c. Tree of Insight
d. Tree of Evil Borne by Satan


5:  After both Adam and Eve have eaten the fruit, what is the first thing they do?
a. Put on clothes
b. Worship the tree
c. Have sex
d. Cower under the wrath

6:  Besides death, what punishment do women receive because of the fall?
a. To be subservient to men
b. Never to be ordained as ministers
c. To bear the pain of childbirth
d. To endure the stress of multiple priorities

7:  Eve is most surprised by the serpent's ability to
a. glide effortlessly over the tree's branches
b. select the ripest fruit
c. talk
d. stay perfectly still


8:  Michael shows Adam a vision of biblical history from the time of Adam through the birth of
a. Raphael
b. the rebellious angels

c. the second man
d. Jesus


9:  Classically, Urania is the muse of
a. astronomy
b. music
c. gardening
d. idyllic poetry


10:  Milton describes a universe with Heaven in what position and with what primary quality?
a. Middle; purity
b. Top; light
c. Bottom; forgiveness
d. Top; profound wisdom


11:  Who said the following: "The mind is its own place, and in itself / Can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n."
a. God
b. Milton, as the Narrator
c. Satan
d. Eve


12:  Who said the following: ". . . be lowly wise: / Think only what concerns thee and thy being."
a. Sin
b. Adam
c. Raphael
d. Abdiel


13:  Who said the following: "Earth felt the wound, and nature from her seat, / Sighing through all her works gave signs of woe, / That all was lost."
a. Gabriel
b. The Narrator
c. The Son
d. Mulciber


38. Milton's "unholy trinity" of characters includes:Satan, Sin, and Death

39.  “Paradise Lost" is considered a(n): epic

40.  Satan's name before he fell from heaven was: Lucifer

41.  The battle between God's army and Satan's rebels in heaven lasted:3 days

42.  In the phrase, "thy seed shall bruise our foe," the "seed" refers to: Jesus Christ

43.  In the phrase, "thy seed shall bruise our foe," "thy" refers to: Eve

44.  The two archangels who serve as generals in God's army are: Michael and Gabriel

45.  For inspiration in writing the poem, Miltonsays he depends on: The Holy Spirit

46.  Earth is described as being connected to heaven by a: Golden chain

47.  Sin was born out of Satan's: Head

48.  Eve before the Fall might best be described as: a docile, vain creature

49.  Throughout the poem, Satan transforms himself into many creatures. Which creature does Satan not turn into? a mouse

50.  Who might be considered the friendliest and most sociable of all God's angels? Raphael

51.  Everyday before the Fall Adam and Eve went out to work. What did their work consist of? Tending to the Garden of Eden

52.  The reason for Satan's fall might best be described as: pride

53.  The reason for Eve's fall might best be described as: vanity

54.  On the second day of battle in heaven, what does Satan use that surprises God's forces? Artillery

55.  Adam, Satan, and Eve herself are all dazzled by Eve's: Beauty

56.  The main reason for Adam's fall might best be described as: love for Eve

57.  When God sees that Adam and Eve have disobeyed him, who does he send to "judge" them and the snake? The Son

58.  Inspired by Satan's victory over man, Sin and Death construct: a bridge from hell to earth

59.  After they have both eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, the first thing Adam and Eve do is: Satisfy their sexual desire for each other

60.  The Archangel Michael might best be described as: Firm and militant

61.  When Michael tells Adam what will become of mankind after the Fall, he is actually narrating stories taken directly from: The Hebrew Bible

62.  What are the best words to describe the Garden of Eden, the weather, and nature in general, before the Fall of Adam and Eve? Ordered and rational

63.  What are the best words to describe nature and the weather after the Fall of Adam and Eve? Disordered and violent

64.  What is Adam's, and mankind's, punishment for eating the apple? Getting food from the earth will be difficult

65.  What is Eve's, and woman's, punishment for eating the apple? Childbirth will be difficult

66.  What is Satan/the serpent's ultimate punishment for tempting Eve to eat the apple? He will be defeated by Jesus Christ

67.  At the end of the poem, Adam and Eve are forced to: Leave Paradise

68.  Paradise Lost was originally written in: English

69.  Surprisingly, by the time Milton finally started writing Paradise Lost, he was already: blind

70.  The concept of "Happy/Fortunate Fall" refers to: The Fall of Man actually being a good thing, because it allows the Son of God to come to earth to redeem men.

71.  Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradiseand end up living in: The poem ends with them wandering, looking for a place to settle.

72.  Satan first decides to turn away from God and fight against him when: God begets his Son.

73.  In the sword fight between Michael and Satan on the second day of the battle in heaven, what does Satan feel for the first time? Pain

74.  Why, according to Milton, do the angels Michael and Raphael tell stories only to Adam and not to Eve: Because Eve is satisfied with hearing it from Adam and besides, she'll understand it more coming from him.

75.  Milton was influenced by all of the following writers except: Wordsworth (was influenced by Shakespeare, Homer, Spenser)

76.  According to Milton, God created the universe, the world, the animals and humans in: Six days


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