Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Paradise Lost Quiz

1.Whose assistance does the narrator ask for in the retelling of the story? 
(a) Gabriel
(b) The Heavenly Muse
(c) God
(d) Jesus

2. What is the story meant to explore? 
(a) Satan's evil
(b) God's will to men
(c) Good and evil
(d) That life is not easy

3. Why was Satan cast out of heaven? 
(a) For treachery
(b) For trying to kill God
(c) For stealing
(d) For causing a war

4. Where is Satan imprisoned? 
(a) Heaven
(b) The moon
(c) Hell
(d) Earth

5. What is the name of Satan's second in command? 
(a) Beelzebub
(b) Michael
(c) The Muse
(d) Gabriel

6. How many days did it take for Satan to finally speak to Beezlebub? 
(a) Two days
(b) Eleven days
(c) Nine days
(d) Fiifteen days

7. What does Satan say they can use against heaven instead of violence? 
(a) Evil
(b) Guile
(c) Manipulation
(d) Blackmail

8. Why does Satan decide to stay in hell? 
(a) So he he has a place to invite the fallen angels
(b) So he can reign as master
(c) So he can relax
(d) So he can make evil plans undisturbed

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