Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Paradise Lost Quiz

Question 1

What were the reasons for Satan's downfall?

Wrath and Heresy

Deceit and passion

Pride and rebellion

Lust and greed

Question 2

What prompts Satan to deceive Eve?


Joy in destruction


Desire for chaos

Question 3

What literary tradition does Milton refuse to follow?

Metered verse

Symbolic narrative

Rhyming verse

Epic journey

Question 4

For what purpose or goal do the fallen angels wage war?

To recover Heaven

To exact revenge for their torment on both God and humanity

To rule the world

To rule Hell

Question 5

What is the name of the capitol of Hell?




Los Angeles

Question 6

With God's inspiration, over whom does Milton exalt his own work?




All the pagan poets

Question 7

How is Satan able to escape the lake of fire?

Deceit and power

Cunning and strength

Careful plotting with Beelzebub

Free will given by God

Question 8

What does Satan vow?

To overthrow God and sit in His throne

To wage an eternal war against God

To make the world miserable

To rule the Earth

Question 9

Which of the demons is the strongest and most fierce?





Question 10

After freeing himself and making it to Earth, what conclusion does Satan come to?

“Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

"Better to serve in Heaven than reign in Hell"

"Better to kill than be killed. Better to damn than be damned"

"Better to take as many souls as possible rather than be alone

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