Thursday, September 5, 2019

Pre Raphelite Quiz

During which year was the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood formed?





Can you match up the artists with their paintings?

  • La Ghirlandata
  • La Belle Iseult
  • The Blind Girl
  • The Property Room
What is the name of the model featured here in Rossetti's 'The Beloved Bride'?
These paintings by Sandys and Hughes, entitled 'Perdita' and 'Ophelia' respectively, depict characters written by which of these people?
What is the name of this legendary character, painted here by Collier?
Who painted these beautiful works, all based on Tennyson's 'Lady Of Shallot'?
Which figure from Greek mythology is depicted here by Rossetti?
What is the name of this woman, who modelled for a great number of Pre-Raphaelite painters, notably for Millais' Ophelia and for her husband Rossetti also?

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