Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Quiz on Francis Bacon

1.Which of the following is NOT an essay by Bacon

Of Revenge

Of Happiness

Of Travel

Of Superstition

2.The title of the second part of Bacon's work, 'Novum Organum', is usually translated as 'New Method', but could also be written 'New Organon', a direct reference to the 'Organon' (a Greek word meaning instrument or tool), the six-volume work on logic that collects the work of which Greek philosopher?





3.In the first book of 'Novum Organum', Bacon describes four common fallacies in human thought, which he calls idols of the mind. Which of these is NOT one of them?

 Idols of the Tribe - a tendency to see meaningful patterns where none actually exists

 Idols of the Theatre - a tendency to accept dogma without questioning it

 Idols of the Cave - a tendency to be misled by personal preferences

 Idols of the Mind - a tendency to daydream

4.What position did he hold in the government?

President, Senator, Treasurer

King, Keeper of the amazing purple horse

Lord Keeper of the great seal, Attorney General, and Lord chancellor

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