Monday, September 16, 2019

Structuralism Quiz -4

What is the name of the author whose story "Sarrasine" Roland Barthes examines in "S/Z"? (from Chapter 4, Post-Structuralism)






According to Eagleton, in the romantic aesthetic theory the meaning of the word literature became what? (from Chapter 1, Rise of the English)






In American deconstruction, why does literary criticism become an "ironic, uneasy business"? (from Chapter 4, Post-Structuralism)

 Because it lays bare the temporality of meaning.

 Because it lays bare the illusoriness of meaning.

 Because it lays bare the physicality of meaning.

 Because it lays bare the permanence of meaning.


Eagleton writes that "New Criticism was the ideology of an ________, _______intelligentsia who reinvented in literature what they could not locate in reality."(from Chapter 1, Rise of the English)

 Apathetic, placid.

 Educated, grounded.

 Aggressive, violent.

 Uprooted, defensive.


According to Eagleton, what is the disadvantage of claiming literature as more valuable and rewarding than other texts? (from Conclusion, Political Criticism)

 Because it is true.

 Because it is no longer true.

 Because it partly true.

 Because it is untrue.

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