Monday, September 16, 2019

Structuralism Quiz -6

According to Eagleton, structuralism is a ________of inquiry whereas semiotics is a ______ of study. (from Chapter 3, Structuralism and Semiotics)

 Field; type.

 Type; manner.

 Method; field.

 Manner; field.


Why do feminists embrace the work of Jacques Lacan, despite the fact that he was contemptuous of the women's movement? (from Chapter 5, Psychoanalysis)

 Because Lacan rewrote Freudianism.

 Because Lacan embraced Freudianism.

 Because Lacan rejected Freudianism.

 Because Lacan taught Freudianism.


What are Northrop Frye's three recurrent patterns of symbolism in literature? (from Chapter 3, Structuralism and Semiotics)

 Comic, apocalyptic, romantic.

 Apocalyptic, demonic, analogical.

 Analogical, demonic, tragic.

 Tragic, comic, romantic.


Eagleton argues that for Stanley Fish, what a text "does" to us is a matter of what we do to what? (from Chapter 2, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Reception Theory)

 To the critic.

 To the reader.

 To the author.

 To the text.


Who said "there is no cultural document that is not at the same time a record of barbarism"? (from Conclusion, Political Criticism)

 Julia Kristeva.

 Walter Benjamin.

 Karl Marx.

 Michel Foucault.

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