Friday, September 6, 2019

Tough Quiz on Jane Eyre

1. Jane finds Helen Burns on her death bed at Lowood School. After Helen says goodbye to Jane, Jane asks Helen where she is going. Helen replies:

 To Heaven Jane, to Heaven.

 Home, to the house of our Heavenly Lord.

 To my Maker Jane, my Lord.

 To my long home - my last home

2. After attacking her cousin, young Jane is sent to the 'red-room' in a state of panic. Her young mind frightens itself so that she passes out. Whose ghost does she so fear whilst imprisoned here?

 Mr Reed

 Mr Rivers

 Mr Eyre

 Mr Rochester

3. Upon her arrival at Thornfield, who does Jane believe is her new employer?

 Mrs Fairfax

 Mr Rochester

 Miss Varens

 Mr Mason

4. What suggestion does Rochester make to Jane that induces her to vehemently interject?

 That she has become negligent with Adele's education.

 That she dabbles in witchcraft.

 That she is nothing more than a product of Brocklehurst's education with no intelligence of her own.

 That her sketches were not entirely her own creation.

5. Jane's cousin, John Reed, in a moment of spiritual reinvention, writes Jane a letter while she is at Thornfield, expressing remorse for his treatment of Jane when they were children and wishes that she will find contentment in her life.



6. Rochester has expressed his intention to marry the beautiful Blanche. Whilst alone in the garden with Jane, to whom he is about to express his love, Rochester utters the line: "My bride! What bride? I have no bride!" What is so profound about this line?

 He has been married since his youth and his wife still lives.

 He murdered his wife some years ago.

 He had a secret wedding with Blanche while Jane was away.

 He is actually Jane's father.

7. What chapter does this line appear in?
"There was not possibility of taking a walk that day"

 Chapter Thirteen

 Chapter Eight

 Chapter One

 Chapter Three

8. After their engagement, what does Rochester do that irritates Jane?

 He picks his nose before kissing her.

 He insists on her wearing her hair out to show her beauty.

 He tells her that they are moving to Scotland.

 He insists on buying her lavish dresses and jewels.

9. After the revelation of Bertha, Jane sneaks from Thornfield. On her way she stops at Rochester's chambers and leaves him a note expressing her undying love for him but reproaching him for his behaviour.



10. Towards the end of the book, after spending time away from Rochester, Jane falls in love with St John. They marry, have a baby boy and live with his sisters.



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