Friday, September 6, 2019

Wuthering Heights Quiz

Mr. Earnshaw returns from a trip with a strange orphan, whom he names Heathcliff. What is Heathcliff's real name?

 Heathcliff Linton

 The reader never learns

 Heathcliff Earnshaw

 Heathcliff Dean

2. As a child, Heathcliff is friendly and loving.



3. What happens to Heathcliff upon Mr. Earnshaw's death?

 He steals money from Hindley.

 He gains 10,000 pounds from Mr. Earnshaw's will.

 He becomes reduced to servant status at Wuthering Heights.

 Hindley throws him out of the house.

4. Why does Heathcliff leave Wuthering Heights?

 He's sick of Hindley's treatment towards him.

 He overhears Catherine saying that she could never marry him.

 He wants to join the army.

 He wants to spite Nelly.

5. When Heathcliff returns, he has several schemes of revenge to conduct. Which of the following is NOT one of his plans?

 Taking over Wuthering Heights

 Ruining Edgar

 Destroying Hindley

 Hurting Catherine

6. Why does Heathcliff marry Isabella?

 To gain Thrushcross Grange through her inheritance

 He begins to love her

 He is physically attracted to her

 Because she is pregnant with his child

7. How does Heathcliff's soul mate Catherine die?

 Heathcliff accidentally kills her

 After childbirth

 She commits suicide

 She dies of a snakebite

8. What happens to Heathcliff's disposition after Catherine's death?

 He becomes more vengeful and even more obsessed with his "idol".

 He becomes kinder and gentler.

 His anger ceases.

 He repents all of his sins.

9. Heathcliff is proud of his son.



10. What is one of the last statements Heathcliff utters about Catherine?

 "Cathy! My love forever"!

 "Now we will be reunited".

 "I am returning to you"!

 "By God! She's relentless

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