Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A big quiz on GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens

1. What is Pip's real name?


2. What is Joe's occupation?


3. What is the name of the convict Pip gives food to on the marshes?


4. What time did Miss Havisham's beloved abandon her?

 Twenty past nine
 Twenty to nine
 Ten to nine

5. Magwitch is what relation to Estella?

 No relation

6. Who is Mr. Jaggers?

 Pip's father
 A servant for Miss Havisham
 A doctor that treats Compeyson
 A lawyer that defends Magwitch

7. What happens to Pip's sister?

 She inherits a large sum of money and lives happily ever after
 She becomes a famous cook
 She is beaten by an unknown assailant
 She gets angry at Pip and slaps him

8. Who does Joe later marry?

 Miss Havisham

9. What happens to Magwitch?

 He returns to New South Wales and becomes a successful sheep farmer
 He attacks Compeyson and is hit by a vessel, wounding and ultimately killing him
 He hides in Mr. Jaggers's house
 The court pardons him and he lives happily in London

10. How was "Great Expectations" originally written?

 As a collection of unrelated short stories
 As a complete novel
 As several magazine installments
 As a trilogy

11. What is the 'Tickler'?


12. Who is Estella's real mother?

 Miss Havisham

13. Who Estella's father?

 Mr. Jaggers
 Joe Gargery

14. Who is Handel?

 The Aged

15. Who is the 'Spider'?

 Mr. Jaggers

16. Whom does Wemmick marry?

 Clara Barley
 Miss Skiffins
 Sarah Pocket

17. Satis house means '_______ house'.


18. Who is Pip's mother?

 Clara Barley
 Miss Havisham
 Mrs. Joe Gargery

19. Who is Pip's benefactor?

 Mr. Pumblechook
 Abel Magwitch
 Miss Havisham
 Mr. Jaggers

20.Who is the pale young gentleman?

Answer:  ( Two words (or just first or last name))

21. Who taught Pip how to read?

 Mr. Jaggers

22. Who is Mr. Waldengarver?

 Mr. Wopsle
 Mr. Pumblechook

23. What play was Mr. Waldengarver acting in?

Answer:  ( Shakespeare)

24. Who tried to kill Pip?

Answer:  ( Worked for Joe and Miss Havisham)

25.Abel Magwitch made his fortune in which field?

 Ship Insuring
 Counting House

 26.What grain of tobacco does Magwitch smoke?

 Navy Cut

 27.Who marries Estella?

 Bentley Drummle

 28.The Aged Parent appreciates which gesture?


 29.Young Pip kissed Estella on the lips on one of his visits.


29. At what time did Miss Havisham stop all the clocks?


30. Who was Pip's new guardian when he left to be a gentleman?

 Mr. Joe
 Mr. Pocket
 Mr. Wopsle
 Mr. Jaggers

31. What did Biddy teach Joe that he wanted to impress Pip with?

 To talk proper
 To write
 To cook
 To sew

32. What injury to his hands did Pip have?

 Cut up
 Broke his arms
 Sun burned

33. What did Wemmick ask Pip to do to communicate to his "aged parent?"

 Write in order to speak to the "aged"
 Nod towards the "aged"
 Use sign language
 Ignore him

34. What does Herbert, Pip's loyal friend, continuously call his female companion, Clara?

 "Dear little thing"
 "My dearest"
 "Sweet little thing"
 "My Clara"

35.. Who is Estella's birth mother?

 Miss Havisham
 Mrs. Joe Gargery

36. Whose "chrisen'd" name was Abel?

 Mr. Pocket

37. What color gloves did Wemmick's future wife wear all the time?

 She did not wear gloves

38. What was Mr. Jaggers profession?

Answer:  ( One Word)

39. What was the name of the boat that captured Provis when Pip and friends were trying to sneak him away?


40. Who was the one who struck Mrs. Joe, Pip's sister, eventually ending her life?

 Mr. Jaggers

41. Who did Estella wind up marrying?


42. Estella's marriage was horrible and full of cruelty.


43. Who did Mr. Jaggers refer to as "the spider?"

 Mr. Pocket

44. Pip never told Estella how he loved her.


45. Mrs. Joe almost always wore a what?


45. In the home of the Pockets', what servant was found drunk?


46. How many endings did the author write for "Great Expectations"?

 Author died and book was finished by a friend

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