Friday, December 27, 2019


Man is a social animal. But living in society is not an easy job. How one behaves with another, how he approaches another person and how far he is successful in playing his role in the society indicates his manners. So, broadly speaking, we can define manners to be well established standard of conduct on the social life.

Man has to live carefully in the society. He should behave in a manner which pleases others. Manners and etiquettes are key to success. Although they do not cost anything, but they bring us valuable gains. They enhance the pleasure of life. One can win over even the enemy if he presents good manners. Good manners and etiquettes are key to success.

Nobody is born with good manners. Everyone either learns or acquires them. The best place to harness manners and etiquettes is the home which is a miniature society and where the child spends most of its time. Child tries to stimulate its parents and elders in their behavior and slowly leans and acquires certain traits of character that it has learnt at home. It learns a lot in company of his friends at school. In the school, the teacher plays an important role in cultivation of good manners and etiquettes. Teachers with their ideal behavior imbibe good manners in the school student.


Anywhere we go out, we are judged by the way we speak. Therefore words play an important role in our day-to-day conversation. How do we speak to our younger’s and how do we speak to our elders, reflects our personality. Whatever we speak should be in a soft, gentle and pleasant tone. Always try to avoid offending and harsh words. Always show respect to others. Not only the words, but our action and gestures should also be submissive so as to sweeten our life and to add charm to it, always try to follow these small courtesies.

It is not only important to mind your language inside your home with young and elders, but also be very careful about one’s behavior in any social gathering. Give everybody an equal opportunity to speak and never try to speak while another person is speaking. Speak in a low and pleasant tone and never shout. Respect the person who is speaking. Do not get agitated if one does not agree with you or when you disagree with others. In the worlds of Smith, “Manners are the shadows of virtues, the momentary display of these qualities which our fellow creatures love and respect, ff we strive to become, what we strive to appear, manners may often be rendered useful guide to the perfor­mance of our duties.'”

In a group of people always wait for your turn to speak. Do not monopolies the whole conversation. If ever you want to criticize anybody do it in a manner that it does not hurt the person. Do in a polite and civilized manner. Always be sweet and humble in your words and gestures.

Always be cautious in your behavior as one is observed everywhere. Whether in home, in school/in bus, in train or even while waking on the streets. Never speak loudly or sing or whistle on the street. Be courteous to your visitors at home or while waiting for a bus in a queue. So always try to observe small courtesies if you want to win over others heart.

So we can say that the success or failure in the life of a man depends largely upon his manners and etiquettes. In the words of Thompson we cai) say, ” Truth, justice and reasons less their force and all their luster, when they are not accompanied with agreeable manners.”

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