Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gulliver's travels quiz

. In order to begin, we must know the given name of Mr. Gulliver, with whom we shall be traveling. By what Christian name does Gulliver go?

2. What is Gulliver's initial occupation as he begins his travels onboard a ship captained by a certain Mr. Powell?


3. Upon which ship did Gulliver sail aboard from Bristol on May 4th, 1699, to begin the first of his genuine adventures?


4. Gulliver's ship meets misfortune when it strikes some rocks protruding from the sea. The ship is lost, and Gulliver finds himself aboard a lifeboat with several fellow sailors. After the lifeboat capsizes, Gulliver somehow makes it ashore an island. Later he would find that he has landed on Lilliput, which, according to the map included, appears to be located in which ocean?


5. Awakened from his sleep, after having passed out from exhaustion, Gulliver finds himself tied down by many very thin ropes. Surrounding him are numerous tiny 'human creatures not six inches high', as Gulliver observes. The chief among these miniscule folk goes by what title?


6. Not having a motive device large enough to transport Gulliver to the capital city, the king orders Gulliver's confining ropes to be untied, allowing him to walk.


7. Gulliver finds himself in the confines of his new abode, an ancient Lilliputian temple, in which he can live quite comfortably. Standing in front of the temple, he observes with great amusement the surrounding countryside. Approximately how tall are the tallest trees, according to Gulliver?

 Six inches high
 A thousand feet high
 Two and a half feet high
 Seven feet high

8. What gesture does Gulliver make to the Lilliputians, ingratiating him to the tiny people?

 He provides the Lilliputians with a device for making fire
 He saves the life of a princess who slips and falls from a tree
 He spares the lives of several prisoners delivered into his hands
 He helps remove a large rock that the Lilliputians have been unable to budge

9. The Lilliputians call Gulliver by the term 'Quinbus Flestrin'. What is Gulliver's translation for this Lilliputian term?

 Great Man Mountain
 1,000 Mile-high Person
 Oversized Human Being
 Personage of Extraordinary Bulk

10. The King orders that Gulliver's person be searched, and that all items he carries upon his person be catalogued. This provides for much amusement, as the descriptions of each item are given in Lilliputian terms. The two men searching Gulliver conclude, for example, that which of Gulliver's items must be 'the god that he worships'?

 A comb
 A pocket pistol
 A scroll of paper
 A watch

11. After a period of time, Gulliver desires to be released from his confines. The King agrees but only under a certain number of conditions. Which of these is not, in essence, one of the conditions?

 He must not trample upon any citizens, their horses or their carriages
 He must make warning before entering into the metropolis, so the population can confine themselves to their quarters
 He must help produce the food and liquid that he will use for personal consumption
 He must aide Lilliput against its enemy by helping to destroy the enemy's fleet
12. The great metropolis of Lilliput, within which the emperor's majestic palace may be found, is called...?


13. Gulliver learns from one of the king's secretaries that all is not well in Lilliput. It seems that Lilliput has an enemy that resides upon a nearby island. What is this island called?


14. What is the ridiculous reason behind the war in which Lilliput is currently engaged, and behind the factionalism within the imperial court?

 Misunderstanding about how a letter of the alphabet is written
 Dispute about the nature of yawning
 Controversy over whether to part a man's hair on the left or right
 Disagreement on how to break open an egg
15. Gulliver is able to end the war between Lilliput and its rival through a brilliant strategem. He steals the enemy's entire navy through subterfuge, thereby disabling them from attacking Lilliput. What body part(s) is Gulliver's one physical concern while pulling off this marvelous feat?

Answer:  ( One word...either plural or singular)

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