Friday, March 6, 2020

NET questions

1.Which of the following statements isnot true of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina? It is concerned with

(A) The jumbled trivia of day-today life.

(B) The belief in social progress and scientific advancement.

(C) Insistent quest for meaning.

(D) The reaction of immediate family members to someone’s terminal illness.

Answer: (D)


2. In The Rape of Lock Belinda’s guardian sylph is unable to prevent the Baron’s fatal mischief because

(A) He discovers an earthly lover lurking in Belinda’s heart.

(B) He is disturbed by Clarissa’s speech.

(C) The view is blocked by the imposing figure of Sir Plume.

(D) He is yet to return from a visit to the Cave of Spleen.

Answer: (A)


3. ‘Ah! I’ll never, never meet such a man again. You ought to have heard him recite poetry …

Oh, he enlarged my mind.” In Heart of Darkness these words about Kurtz are spoken by

(A) The manager

(B) The intended

(C) The first-class agent

(D) The Russian

Answer: (D)


4. Arrange the following ELT methods and approaches in the order in which they appear. Use the codes given below:


I. Direct Method

II. The Communicative Language Teaching

III. The Grammar Translation Method

IV. The Silent Way

The correct combination according to the code is:


(B) III, I, IV, II

(C) III, II, I, IV

(D) I, III, II, IV

Answer: (B)


5. Which of the following statements is not applicable to Derrida’s rejection of the notion of the ‘Metaphysics of Presence’?

(A) The desire for immediate access to meaning privileges presence over absence.

(B) All presences are necessarily metaphysical and, therefore, are to be rejected.

(C) A fleeting meaning of the text is created through the play of ‘difference’ and ‘differance’.

(D) Metaphysics involves installinghierarchies and orders ofsubordination in the variousdualisms that it encounters.

Answer: (B)

6. Read the following and its code: “a prince’s court

Is like a common fountain, whence should flow Pure silver drop in general: but if’t chance

Some curs’d example poison’t near the head Death and disease through the whole land spread.”


I. It is the description of the French Court at the beginning of The Duchess of Malfi.

II. It is about the English court. Such was Webster’s England, but to avoid censorship Webster gives his play a foreign location.

III. It is about the Italian court.

IV. The court is located in Malfi.

The correct combination according to the code is:

(A) I and IV are correct.

(B) I and II are correct.

(C) II and III are correct.

(D) II and IV are correct.

Answer: (B)


7. Literary works by post-modern British writers such as Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie and Jeanette Winterson generally tend to share which of the following characteristics?

(A) The use of fragmented narrative structures with multiple shifts in consciousness, chronology and location.

(B) An emphasis on the rich universality of life in cultures and countries all over the world.

(C) A sense of sentimental nostalgia for nineteenth and early twentieth century life, typically expressed in rueful, melancholic tones.

(D) The use of brief, economic literary forms and a spare, astringent literary style.

Answer: (A)


8. Given below are two statements, one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R):

Assertion (A): Some post-colonial writers maintain that being ‘unhomed’ is not the same as being ‘homeless’.

Reason (R): Because the migrants are not at home in themselves: their cultural identity crisis has made them psychological refugees.

In the context of the above statements, which one of the following is correct?


(A) (A) is correct, but (R) is wrong.

(B) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

(C) (A) is wrong, but (R) is correct.

(D) Both (A) and (R) are wrong.

Answer: (B)


9. Which of the following statements are not true about Margaret Laurence’s Novel, The Stone Angel?


I. The novel is set in a fictional small town in Manitoba called Manawaka.

II. The novel was written when she was away from Canada.

III. The novel is narrated retrospectively by Hagar Shipley.

IV. The novel is least known of her works.

The correct combination according to the code is:

(A) I and II are correct.

(B) II and III are correct.

(C) II and IV are correct.

(D) I and IV are correct.

Answer: (C)


10. Which of the following statements is not true of many contemporary African writers?

(A) They convey a melancholy tone of longing for traditionalreligious rituals.

(B) They celebrate unambiguously the benefits of Western education.

(C) They bemoan the loss of values and indict aspirations of wealth.

(D) They assess the social impact of systems and institutions of colonial rule.

Answer: (B)

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