Saturday, April 18, 2020

10 questions on Paradise lost. write your answers and send them to me on phone number 9828402032.

1. What is Milton's main weakness? He is _____.

Answer:  ( One Word; condition)

2. Milton invokes the muses in "Paradise Lost".


3. What did God do to invoke Satan's disobedience in "Paradise Lost"?

 punish him
 all of these
 tempt him
 appoint the Son

4. In "Paradise Lost", Satan and his fallen ones cannot redeem themselves.


5. Satan is portrayed as being wholly evil in "Paradise Lost".


6. Complete the memorable quote from "Paradise Lost": "He for God only, she for _____
__ ____"?

Answer:  ( Three Words)

7. Name the one Seraph who stands up to Satan in the name of God in "Paradise Lost".


8. Name Satan's daughter, according to "Paradise Lost".

Answer:  ( One Word)

9. Name Satan's son in "Paradise Lost".

Answer:  ( One Word)

10. In "Paradise Lost", Adam forgives Eve for her sin.


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