Friday, May 8, 2020

1.In 'A Game of Chess', the second part of 'The Waste Land', the narrator suffers under a tirade of paranoid abuse (incidentally, based on Eliot's experience of his first wife Vivienne). During this, he soliloquises 'those were pearls which were his eyes'. Which Shakespeare play is this a quotation from?

In one of the most brilliant parts of 'The Waste Land', at the end of 'A Game of Chess' Eliot recreates the voices of two working class women in a Billingsgate pub discussing the return of one of their husbands from the war. What are the names of the married couple?

The Fire Sermon', the central part of 'The Waste Land', begins with a vivid description of the River Thames flowing through the heart of London. Eliot uses the line 'Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song.' This quotation is the last line of each verse of a poem by which earlier poet?

Who asks the narrator to luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel?

In 'The Fire Sermon', a city typist describes an experience of casual sex in a bedsit with whom?

Eliot describes vividly listening to 'the pleasant whining of a mandoline' while sitting in a pub in which major City street?

At the end of 'The Fire Sermon', where can the narrator 'connect nothing with nothing'?

The shortest section of 'The Waste Land' is 'Death by Water'. It describes the death by drowning of someone 'who was once handsome and tall as you'. Who was he?

The final section, 'What the Thunder Said', is perhaps the most difficult part of 'The Waste Land'. The opening stanza recalls which event in the Bible?

In the penultimate line of 'What the Thunder Said', Eliot uses three Sanskrit words to replicate the sound of thunder over the river. They are 'Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.' What do they mean?

The final word of 'The Waste Land' is repeated three times. It is the Sanskrit word for Peace and it suggests the sound of the narrator's oars on the river. What is it?

A nice easy one to start with! At the start of 'The Burial of the Dead', which is the cruellest month?

What is the name of the narrator of the opening stanzas?

The narrator recalls the nickname they were given after a visit to a garden filled with which kind of flower?

Eliot loathed his life as a bank clerk, and used this experience in the poem. The dead-eyed, sighing commuters who flood into the City of London at the end of 'Burial of the Dead' have their lives regulated by the clock of which City church?


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