Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A Quiz On Post colonialism

    1. Which sub-specialty in postcolonial criticism analyzes the importance of human constructions of physical with mental spaces, especially in political contexts?
         a. spatial/geographical studies
         b. psycho-mythic studies
         c. ecofeminism
         d. both a and b

    2. Postcolonialism refers to
         a. a historical phase undergone by Third World countries after the decline of colonialism
         b. a slave mindset
         c. an important tenet of structuralism
         d. the deconstrucive "diffĂ©rance"

    3. The claim of Robert C. J. Young is that postcolonialism
         a. looks "at the world from the other side of the photograph"
         b. is historically inaccurate
         c. is the product of leftist propaganda
         d. all of the above

    4. Postcolonial criticism has been important to
         a. Third-World feminism
         b. deconstruction
         c. structuralism
         d. psychological approaches

    5. According to Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, a "subaltern" is
         a. usually a woman
         b. a Third-World denizen
         c. multiply oppressed
         d. all of the above

    6. Postcolonial critics speak primarily of
         a. slavery in ancient cultures
         b. the conquests of Spain
         c. Euro-American imperialism
         d. African-African slavery 

    7. The departure from a homeland by a people is called by postcolonial critics
         a. diaspora
         b. emigration
         c. inundation
         d. interpellation

    8. Homi Bhabha's most significant concept is
         a. postcolonial interpellation
         b. the objective correlative
         c. hybridity
         d. orientalism

    9. Chinua Achebe attacks for its racism
         a. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
         b. Frankenstein
         c. Heart of Darkness
         d. The "Nigger" of the Narcissus

    10. The motif of a "City Upon a Hill" has been used by
         a. the author of the Gospel of Matthew
         b. John Winthrop in "A Model for Christian Charity"
         c. John F. Kennedy in his Inaugural Address
         d. all of the above

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