Monday, May 11, 2020

Hardy Quiz


The ancient name of Tess's family is, as the title stipulates, d'Urberville. However, the family uses a different form of the name. What is it?


2. As a result of a very unlucky decision Tess agrees to go to her supposed relatives to seek help for the family. What is the main reason that makes her go?

 She secretely hopes she will find a husband there
 She hopes to find Angel there
 She is forced by her parents who threaten to disinherit her
 She feels responsible for the death of the family's only horse

3. Consequently Tess's fate is bound with unscrupulous Alec d'Urberville. At first she manages to escape his interest but then she's obliged to accept his offer of an occupation. All the time she has to guard herself against Alec's attempts at her innocence and finally she fails. Where does Tess become a 'Maiden No More'?

 In The Chase
 In Emminster
 In Marlott
 In Talbothays

4. Her sin does not pass without a dire consequence and not long after that we see Tess as a young mother of a child. Worse still, the baby is so weak that very soon is on the verge of death. Terrified Tess baptizes the child. What name does she choose?


5. After the death of her child Tess leaves her village to find a job as a dairymaid. She begins to work for a mild couple of Mr. and Mrs. Crick. Not only does she work but also lodges with them. How many other people apart from Tess and the Cricks live in the house?


6. Each dairy worker has their favorite cows that it is easiest for them to milk. Which of these names is not a name of one of Tess's favorites?

 Old Pretty
 Young Pretty

7. Tess is not the only one to fall in love with Angel. In fact, all the other milkmaids feel similar affection. Obviously, each expresses it somehow differently. Which of them is told to have been caught kissing Angel's shadow?

 Retty Priddle
 Izz Huett

8. The novel is full of ill omens and particularly many appear on Tess's wedding day. One of them is connected with Tess's family lineage. What precisely does it concern?

 The d'Urberville Coach
 A d'Urberville's wedding day
 The d'Urberville Castle
 A d'Urberville's death

9. Is it true that Hardy's own name appears in the book?


10. Angel has two brothers both of whom studied at Cambridge. However, Mr. Clare decided not to pay for Angel's education there. Why?

 Because Angel was not talented enough to study
 Because Angel was too bent on farming
 Because the family could not afford it
 Because of his heretical ideas

11. How many siblings does Tess have?

Answer:  ( A number)

12. When she is left by Angel, Tess returns home but she finds out that she is a burden for her family so she leaves to seek employment. Thanks to Marian she is employed by Mr. Groby but the work is very hard and finally she decides to go to Mr. Clare for help. However, she does not dare to enter and not having achieved anything she returns home. On this way she meets Alec d'Urberville. What is his present occupation?

 He is a large farm owner
 He has still no occupation
 He is a preacher
 He is a doctor

13. After having managed to make Tess live with him, Alec does not live long. How does he die?

 He dies from a heart attack
 Tess shoots him
 Tess stabs him with a knife
 Angel shoots him

14. After Alec's death Angel and Tess spend a few happy days together moving to the interior part of the country. Where does Tess spend her last night with her husband?

 In a desolated house
 In prison
 In a forest
 On a stone altar

15. The history of Tess, as in a folk ballad to which it is sometimes compared, is brought to a tragical end. Angel and 'Liza-Lu, whom he is to marry according to Tess's wish, watch her die. How does Tess d'Urberville die?

 She is hanged
 She is beheaded
 She commits suicide
 She drowns

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