Thursday, May 7, 2020

Quiz on The Wasteland

What was Eliot's first working title for "The Waste Land"?

 Unreal City
 He do the Police in Different Voices
 The Land of the Dead
 Voices in the Desert

2. Who helped Eliot edit the poem, and, in the process, suggested the deletion of large portions of the poem?

Answer:  ( First and last name or just last)

3. Where was the original (first intended) epigraph that Eliot had chosen for the poem from?

 Baudelaire's "Fleurs du Mal"
 Pound's "Cantos"
 Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"
 Milton's "Paradise Lost"

4. The line, "The ivory men make company between us", which was deleted from the final version of the poem from the second section "A Game of Chess", was taken out at whose suggestion?

 John Quinn's
 Ezra Pound's
 Vivien Eliot's
 Valerie Eliot's

5. There are many quotations in different languages throughout the poem. Which of these languages is NOT present in the poem?


6. Which of these cities is NOT mentioned in the poem?


7. Before it was deleted, the line "Get me a woman, I said; you're too drunk, she said" was part of which section of the poem?

 A Game of Chess
 What the Thunder Said
 The Fire Sermon
 Burial of the Dead

8. Eliot stated that his references to certain vegetation ceremonies were influences that came from which book?

 From Ritual to Romance
 The Golden Bough
 The Mabinogeon
 The Tain

9. True or false: Eliot stated that "The Waste Land" was "an important bit of social criticism."


10. Which of these works did Eliot NOT make a reference to in "The Waste Land"?

 Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure"
 Goldsmith's "The Vicar of Wakefield"
 Kyd's "Spanish Tragedy"
 Spenser's "Prothalamion"

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