Monday, June 1, 2020

Use of Yet another in the middle of the sentence

How to use yet another in a sentence

Sentence Examples
Perhaps technologies such as virtual reality or holography will provide yet another dimension to what can be learned and shared.
I was updating her about the current situation when I got yet another call.
Neighbours are incensed at the spectre of losing yet another walkable grocer.
Incidentally, director Kamal's film also has Mahima Chaudhary in yet another walk-on role.
At The Australian, they reminisced about News Corp's Australian roots as Rupert clocked up yet another corporate victory.
He draws on a roll of tobacco, which provides him warmth and grants yet another form of slow death.
The strings are used only to accent the melody, and any misgivings are quickly redeemed by yet another amazing guitar solo.
Seemingly every time that I saw a shirt I liked, closer examination would reveal yet another pair of accursed short sleeves.
Then even the integrity of the final narrator is brought into question by yet another revelation.
How can your competitor get away with not adding that tax and ace you out of yet another job?
Today, silk is yet another word for elegance, and silk garments are prized for their versatility, wearability and comfort.
Knowing your store has a magazine rack with a fresh selection of popular titles gives your customers yet another reason to stop by.
In a city racked by violence for a week, there was yet another shootout on Sunday.
The heavy rains over the past week continue to cause doubts about yet another summer like last year.
Dad had left it in gear and the prized family wagon jumped forward smashing into yet another parked car.
He is normally fired up and fluent, but this time he was flat and unable to find anything fresh to say about yet another defeat.
Do we have to pay for yet another fence to keep us out of an area that we previously had access to?
This review makes it sound worth a read, so that's yet another addition to my wishlist.
But this is to miss the point by such a wide margin that it amounts to yet another deliberate deceit.
When the Dutch handed control over Aceh to Indonesia in 1949, so this version of history goes, this was yet another illegal act.

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