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🎯1. What is the actual type of gem the moonstone is?


 Yellow Diamond

Ans Yellow Diamond

The traditions behind the name include having been set in the forehead of an Indian god who typified the moon; also its lustre was said to grow and fade with the waxing and waning of the moon.
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🎯2. What god breathed the breath of his divinity on the moonstone?





Ans Vishnu

After Vishnu did this he commanded that the moonstone be watched by the three priests in turn, day and night, until the end of the generations of men.

🎯3. The narrator's purpose in telling this story is to explain what to his family?

 Why he refuses the friendship of his cousin John

 Where he got the moonstone

 Why he will not marry

 What he did with his life

Ans Why he refuses the friendship of his cousin John

He suspected his cousin to have murdered three Indians, and of lying about having found/stolen the moonstone.
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🎯4. How many beautiful Miss Herncastles are there?




Ans Three

"If you know anything of the fashionable world, you have heard tell of
the three beautiful Miss Herncastles. Miss Adelaide; Miss Caroline;
and Miss Julia--this last being the youngest and the best of the three
sisters, in my opinion;" -"The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins

🎯5. What is the name of Gabriel's daughter?





Ans Penelope

After five years of neither happy nor un-happy marriage, his wife died and left him with only his daughter Penelope, who when old enough became Rachel's maid.

🎯6. Who was "the innocent means of bringing that unlucky jewel into the house"?
 Mr. Herncastle

 Mr. Franklin

 Mr. Gabriel

 Mr. Edward

Ans Mr. Franklin

Gabriel is the narrator when Mr. Franklin appears in the story.
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🎯7. What is the name of the newest servant in the house?




Ans Rosanna

Rosanna was a reformed thief and was being given a chance to prove herself worthy any Christian woman's interest in her.

🎯8. To whom did the Colonel leave the moonstone?




Ans Rachel

In the story, the question is asked if the Colonel knew of the Moonstone's legacy of trouble and danger, and if he willed it to his sister's child as an act of revenge upon his sister.
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🎯9. Upon whom does Gabriel believe Miss Rachel's heart is set?

 Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite

 Mr. Frizinghall

 Mr. Franklin Blake

 Mr. Betteredge

Ans Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite

"On June the twelfth, an invitation from my mistress was sent to a
gentleman in London, to come and help to keep Miss Rachel's birthday.
This was the fortunate individual on whom I believed her heart to be
privately set! Like Mr. Franklin, he was a cousin of hers. His name was
Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite." -From "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins

Betteredge is Gabriel's last name and Frizinghall is where the Ablewhites live.

🎯10. What are the two Miss Ablewhites referred to as, by Gabriel?





Ans Bouncers

"Everything the Miss Ablewhites said began with a large O;
everything they did was done with a bang; and they giggled and
screamed, in season and out of season, on the smallest provocation.
Bouncers--that's what I call them." -Gabriel in "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins
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.🎯11. In the novel "The Moonstone", the titular object is not actually the semi-precious gem of the same name. What is it instead?

 A pearl

 A quartz crystal

 A gold nugget

 A diamond
A diamond

The moonstone is a yellow diamond that (in the context of the story) has become associated with Chandra, the Hindu goddess of the moon. In the story, the moonstone is given a history--going back several hundred years--that suggests a famous gem such as the Hope Diamond. The "wicked" Colonel Herncastle has managed to acquire the Moonstone by underhanded means. The story also introduces an order of guardians for the diamond who are seeking to reclaim it.

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) was an English author who may be best known for "The Moonstone" and "The Woman in White" (1859).

🎯12. Near the beginning of "The Moonstone", Gabriel Betteredge relates why the book will be told from several points of view. What role does Betteredge have in the world of "The Moonstone"?

 He is a member of the local constabulary.

 He is the owner of the manor.

 He is the head servant of the manor.

 He is a military officer.

Ans He is the head servant of the manor.

In the text, Betteredge is described as the "house-steward", but in more modern terms I think we can consider him the butler. In the story we learn that the Moonstone has been gifted from Colonel Herncastle to his niece Rachel Verinder. Shortly after that, the Moonstone was stolen. In an account that was written about six months later, Betteredge says that Franklin Blake (cousin of Rachel) on the advice of the family solicitor, is instructing everyone that was present on the day the Moonstone was stolen to write their recollections as far as they remember and were present. It is his hope that gathering this information may lead to a chance of finding the Moonstone. In his account, Betteredge shows his high opinion of himself from when expresses public concern about being able to write his account, but privately expresses his confidence in doing so.

This sort of novel--where we have the writings of several characters--is known as an epistolary novel. In such a novel, common forms of expression include diary entries and letters, although other types of documents such as newspaper clippings and official reports may also be used.
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🎯13. Which member of the household has previously been caught as a thief?

 Rosanna Spearman

 Drusilla Clark

 Penelope Betteredge

 Nancy Johnson

Ans Rosanna Spearman

Rosanna, one of the maids, has only been with the household for a few months and is the newest member of the household. Lady Verinder had visited the reformatory where Rosanna was living after being released from prison for theft. Lady Verinder decided, upon consulting with the warden of the reformatory, that Rosanna might be turned from a life of crime by being placed in new surroundings, and hired her as a maid. She and Gabriel Betteredge are the only people who know about Rosanna's past. Rosanna generally gets along with the other members of the staff, according to Betteredge, but keeps to herself somewhat.

Penelope Betteredge, daughter of Gabriel, is one of the parlor maids. Nancy (name not give) is one of the kitchen maids who has been sent to fetch Rosanna for dinner and presumably grumpy at delaying her own. Rachel Verinder is the daughter of the deceased owner of the house

🎯14. What is the occasion described by Gabriel Betteredge when Colonel Herncastle attempts to see Rachel Verinder?

 Her weidding

 Her birthday


Ans Her birthday

Gabriel Betteredge relates that the Colonel visited the house to see Rachel on her birthday, the twenty-first of June. Winkie Collins indulges in some alliteration describing the Colonel as "wasted, and worn, ... wild and as wicked as ever". This occurs about eighteen months before the central part of the story, and about two years before Betteredge is recording the events. At that time, Lady Verinder, who is estranged from her brother, has Betteredge inform him that she and Rachel are unable to see him at that time.

🎯15. After the death of the Colonel over a year after his previous visit, Franklin Blake has been assigned to deliver the Moonstone to Rachel Verinder. What is the relationship between the two?

 Franklin is the cousin of Rachel.

 Franklin is uncle by marriage of Rachel.

 Franklin is the brother-in-law of Rachel.

 Franklin is the nephew of Rachel.

Ans Franklin is the cousin of Rachel.

Franklin Blake is the cousin of Rachel and a playmate of hers when they were young. His father, seeking claim to a dukedom, has had Franklin educated abroad (first in Germany, and then in other countries). According to Betteredge, Franklin seems to have acquired a little knowledge of many things but expertise in none.

Franklin's father had previously agreed to serve as the executor to the Colonel's will in return for the Colonel giving him some papers he had in his possession. One of the main clauses of the will is the delivery of the Moonstone to Rachel, with a reminder to Lady Verinder that the Colonel forgave her for refusing his visit somewhat previously.
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🎯16. Gabriel Betteredge elaborates on how the "gentlefolk" are often occupied in looking for something to do. On what sort of "gentlefolk" tastes does he elaborate?




He describes men and women with "tastes are of what is called the intellectual sort" as usually either torturing something or spoiling something. In the one case, they go to the woods to find a newt or similar creature to prod and poke and examine and dissect, etc. In the other case, they cut into something like a flower to see what gives it its color or its scent. In either case, the gentlefolk usually finish with a mess that needs to be cleaned by the servants.

Franklin Blake and Rachel Verinder, who spend some time together during Blake's visit, may have tastes of the "intellectual sort" but Betteredge gives them a backhanded compliment by indicating that their pursuits--mostly artistic--only make a mess and largely avoid dissecting or spoiling anything.

🎯17. Which defect does Gabriel Betteredge claim that Rachel Verinder possesses?
 She is a liar.

 She is strong-willed.

 She is ugly.

 She keeps to herself.
Ans She is strong-willed.

Betteredge says of Rachel "that she had ideas of her own ... it carried her ... too far." I must admit I wonder whether she would truly be described as too opinionated or if this more from the point of view of a Victorian male. Betteredge describes Rachel as "one of the prettiest girls your eyes ever looked on". He also states that she may choose not to answer a question, but she won't lie about it. As to keeping to herself, that was more a characteristic of the maid, Rosanna.

🎯18. Which book does Gabriel Betteredge describe himself as reading as regularly as some people might read a religious text?

 Canterbury Tales

 Gulliver's Travels

 Robinson Crusoe

 David Copperfield
Robinson Crusoe

Considering this book has seemingly been read and re-read by Betteredge for decades, and "The Moonstone" is set in the mid-1800s, "David Copperfield" would almost be too new. In fact, "Robinson Crusoe" is the book that he reads on a regular basis. He quotes from the book on more than one occasion. He describes having re-read six copies to pieces and is working on his seventh. Betteredge talks about turning to the text for advice in various situations--advice, bad spirits, etc.

🎯19. When Franklin Blake brings the Moonstone to Rachel Verinder, Gabriel Betteredge describes it for us. How large is it?

 As large as a marble

 As large as an apple

 As large as a pea

 As large as an egg
Ans As large as an egg

Betteredge tells us that it was "as large, or nearly, as a plover's egg! The light that streamed from it was like the light of the harvest moon". He goes on to mention its yellow coloring and that it seems to attract the attention of the people in the room. The statement of another present that the diamond is merely carbon is almost unnoticed. Lady Verinder alone views this bequest from her brother to Rachel as an evil portent.

🎯20. Who tells Gabriel Betteredge that Rachel Verlander has refused the proposal of her cousin, the philanthropist, Geoffrey Ablewhite?

 Franklin Blake

 Rosanna Spearman

 Penelope Betteredge

 Rachel Verlander
Ans Penelope Betteredge

Penelope tells her father as he is getting dressed for dinner. He feels that she is taking too much delight in this story, but since she ties his tie with great energy, he does not believe that this is the time to object. Penelope says that they head off in good spirits, hand in hand. They return a few moments later, much subdued and looking away from each other.

While I admit that I based all of my question on the first several chapters of the book, I thought this would make it easier to avoid spoilers concerning the central mystery of the book.

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