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List of The Theatres in London

Chronological List of Elizabethan, and Quasi-Elizabethan, Playhouses (1576 - 1663)

The Theater.
Unroofed theatre; situated in Moore-fields, Shoreditch; built by James Burbage, 1576; pulled down, 1598; authentic views, none. 1

The Curtain.
Unroofed theatre; situated in Moore-fields, Shoreditch; built in 1576; pulled down c. 1630; last referred to in 1627; authentic views, none.

First roofed theatre; situated in the Choir Singing School, near the Convocation House (St. Paul's); built c. 1581; suppressed, 1590-6; last trace of, c. 1608; burnt down in Great Fire, 1666; authentic views, none.

Newington Butts.
Unroofed theatre; situated in Lambeth; built c. 1586; pulled down c. 1603; authentic views, none.

The Rose.
Small, unroofed theatre; situated on the Bankside in Southwark; built between 1587 and 1592; first referred to in 1592, last in 1603; authentic views: (Exterior) Norden's Map, 1593; Ryther's Map, 1604.

The Swan.
Unroofed theatre; situated in Paris Garden, Southwark; built 1595 by Francis Langley; pulled down c. 1635; authentic views: (Interior) Van Buchell's sketch, after de Witt, 1596; (Exterior) Visscher's Map, 1616; Manor Map, 1627.

Small, roofed, second-floor theatre; situation, Blackfriars; built 1596, pulled down August 6, 1655; authentic views, none.

The First Globe.
Unroofed theatre; situated on the Bankside; built 1598; burnt down June 29, 1613; authentic views, none.

The First Fortune.
Unroofed square theatre; situated in Golden Lane (afterwards Red Cross Street), Cripplegate; built 1600; burnt down December 9, 1621; authentic views, none.

Red Bull.
Unroofed theatre; situated in St. John Street, Clerkenwell; built c. 1600; enlarged in 1632; last used as playhouse 1663 (see Pepys' Diary, April 25, 1664); authentic views, none.

Small roofed theatre; situated near Salisbury Court, Fleet Street; built c. 1603; last referred to, 1621; authentic views, none.

The Hope.
Unroofed theatre and Bear-baiting arena; situated on the Bankside; built 1614; pulled down 1656; authentic views: (Exterior), Visscher's Map, 1616; "Cittie of London" Map, 1646; "Londonopolis" Map, 1657.

The Second Globe.
Unroofed theatre (on site of, but much superior to, the first house); built 1614; pulled down 1644; exterior view of, Visscher, 1616.

The Cockpit, or Phoenix.
Small roofed theatre; constructed in the Cockpit in Drury Lane c. 1617; dismantled 1649; last used 1664.

The Second Fortune.
Unroofed, brick theatre; erected on site of older house c. 1623; dismantled in 1649, and never afterwards used as a playhouse; serving as a secret conventicle in November, 1682; later used as a brewery. For exterior view in final stage, see Wilkinson's Londina Illustrata.

Salisbury Court.
Roofed theatre; situated in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street; built 1629; dismantled 1649; last used 1661; destroyed by Great Fire, 1666; authentic views, none.

Vere Street.
Oblong roofed theatre; situated in Vere Street, Clare Market; built in a tennis-court; last constructed house of the Elizabethan order; opened by Killigrew and the King's Company, November, 1660; closed April, 1663.

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