Tuesday, July 21, 2020


-Quiz on Feminism 

  1. Marxist feminists believe that
       a. art is always conditioned by social beliefs and needs
       b. "personal" identity is inseparable from class identity
       c. art is a waste of time
       d. both a and b
  2. Feminism is no longer
       a. diverse
       b. homogenous
       c. the property of a patriarchal society
       d. organized
  3. Which one of the following is NOT one of Elaine Showalter's four models of sexual difference?
       a. biological
       b. occasional
       c. linguistic
       d. psychoanalytic
  4. During the "feminist" phase (1880-1920) of feminism, women
       a. gave up on equal rights
       b. advocated for minority rights and protested
       c. led the repeal of Prohibition
       d. all of the above
  5. Gender studies
       a. argues that the female gender is superior
       b. finds sexuality unimportant
       c. examines how gender is less determined by nature than constructed by culture
       d. is strictly about gay and lesbian writers
  6. The most prominent U.S. minorities among feminist writers are
       a. 18th-century poets
       b. Black and lesbian feminists
       c. male feminists
       d. Native Americans
  7. How sexual identity influences creation and reception of literature is the focus of
       a. Marxist feminism
       b. Gender studies
       c. the linguistic model
       d. none of the above
  8. During the "feminine" phase (1840-80) of feminism, women
       a. imitated the dominant tradition in writing
       b. advocated minority rights and protested
       c. focused on women's texts and women as opposed to uncovering misogyny (hatred of women) in male-authored texts
       d. carried out armed insurrections against men
  9. Third-wave feminism seeks to include
       a. wage-earners
       b. white, upper-class women
       c. lower-class, Third-world women
       d. only racial minorities
  10. During the "female" phase (1920-present) of feminism, women
       a. are increasingly focused on uncovering misogyny in male-authored texts
       b. focus on women's texts and women
       c. have largely given up writing true literature
       d. have looked back to the "feminine" past but put a modern spin on it
  11. Feminist criticism in general has moved away from exposing male bias and towards
       a. studying women's texts and women authors
       b. advocating lesbian-only criticism
       c. acknowledging women's inferiority to men
       d. none of the above
  12. Feminist criticism
       a. is concerned with the marginalization of women in a patriarchal culture
       b. tries to explain how the subordination of women is reflected in or challenged by literary texts
       c. tries to examine the experiences of women from all races, classes, and cultures
       d. all of the above
  13. French feminism is focused on
       a. marriage
       b. the body
       c. myth
       d. all of the above

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