Monday, February 8, 2021


#Imp_Mcqs_On_Literary_Criticism & #Theory 

◆ Who gave the maxim '#Make_it_New'.
Ans: #Ezra_Pound

◆ "#Sexual_Politics",in which the writer examines how the power relations work and how men manipulate and perpetuate male dominance over women, is written by?
Ans: #Kate_Millet

◆ "Gynocriticism", the criticism concerning with writings by women and all aspects of their production and interpretation.
Who gave this concept?
Ans: #Elaine_Showalter

◆ "Perhaps I may allow the Dean
Had too much satire in his vein,
And seem'd determined not to starve it,
Because no age could more deserve it."
The lines are written by:

◆ “a model…I have since judged to be ill-fated and catastrophic, but one I still love…"
Whom does #Derrida refer to as ‘#the_model’ here?
Ans: #Sartre

◆  "I would rather have an acknowledged and controlled subjectivity than an objectivity which is finally an illusion."
Who said above line : 
Ans: #Stanley_Fish

◆ "#Panopticism" is the title of a chapter in a well known book by
Ans: #Michel_Faucault

◆ "Deconstruction is not a dismantling of the structure of a text, but a demonstration that it has already dismantled itself".. 
Who explained that ? 
Ans: #J_Hillis_Miller

◆ "I admire Jonson but I love Shakespeare."
Who said,? 
Ans: #John_Dryden 

◆"It is impossible for anyone who undertakes the office of a critic to omit the study of Aristotle without any great harm." Who said this?
Ans: #Saintsbury

◆ Who calls imagination  
"a magical and synthetic power" ?
Ans: #Coleridge 

◆ #Theory_of_Imagination  was produced by: 
Ans: #Addison  

◆Who among the following calls #Longinus as the #first_romantic_critic "
Ans: #RA_Scott_James

◆ Who said that "a poet is a light winged and holy thing"?

◆ Who gave the concept of "#open_text" and "#closed_text" :
Ans: #Umberto_Eco

◆ Who, is credited with coining the term "#modernity " to refer to the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the responsibility of artistic expression to capture that experience? 
Ans: #Charles_Baudlaire
 Baudlaire, the 19th century French poet and critic, is best known for his #The_Flowers_of_Evil. 
He uses the term '#modernity' in his essay, #The_Painter_of_Modern_Life (1864). Baudlaire was also the pioneering translator of Edgar Allen Poe.

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