Saturday, November 27, 2021

Literary Theory : Where are we heading to?by Dr Mukesh Kumar Pareek

Today it is impossibly unavoidable to think about any piece of literature without indulging into literary theory. It is not an exaggeration if I say that we have stopped reading and enjoying literature per se without hazarding and vandalizing a beautiful piece of literature by putting our heads ,legs and hands in literary theory wheather  it makes a sense or not. 
We cannot empathise with the trauma and angst of Emily Dickinson without disturbing the calm nerves of our brain and forcibly pulling  the unexorcised   poltergeists  of feminism in making a nonsense of the sense of her poems. 
It is nearly impossible for us  to go into the souls of Thomas Hardy and his characters without disturbing  both their real and imaginary  epitaphs by pulling in  the concepts of naturalism and realism and what not ,just for the simple sake of understanding his  Mayor of Casterbridge.

We are unconcernedly ready to forsake and sacrifice our instinctual sense of aesthetics without being affected by  the books and their creators in the name of literary theory.
Over the years we have witnessed an ever ascending trend of disturbing the  ghosts of Foucault and Derrida without any need.  We repeatedly do this just to prove that we have touched the leaves of their books  to sound more literate,sensible ,modern(or may be postmodern 😂 )trendy and intellectual.
Our education system has also trained the academicians in such a manner that it seems horribly futile to them to teach anything in the Indian Universities  specially in the Departments of English without showing off their indulgences in the writers like Foucault ,Derrida , Edward Said, Julia Kristeva, I. A. Richard , Marx, and so on.
Literary theory  and theorists have become a  euphemism for something which cannot be understood properly because their propagators and the plagiarists who are copying them quoting them without  understanding them. 

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