Saturday, November 27, 2021

Major Problems a student faces in Spoken English Dr Mukesh Kumar Pareek

Being Indians we tend to commit certain common errors while we speak English they are as follows
1. Indian students commonly don't pay attention to correct pronunciation of the English words. For example they mostly pronounce English words as they are speaking Hindi and not English.
2. Indian students of almost all the states have a problem of translating their mother tongue into English while they speak English .There is nothing wrong in this as almost everybody in every country where English is not a first language tried to convert their mother tongue sentences into English language but the problem arises when they don't  pay attention to the English Sentence Structure and English way of making phrases and correct arrangement of the words which is called syntax.
3. Another important factor of  bad spoken English among Indian students is that they don't use a variety of words ,variety of phrases.  They show less creativity in making sentences the moment they switch over from their mother tongue to English language.
4. Another important error among Indian students who have been learning  Spoken English is that they mix their mother tongue quite often  while making sentences .This is called Mother Tongue Interference.
5. Common students who are aspirants of Standard Spoken English in India should pay more attention to listening to some standard situation dialogues  either by listening to news  or some English programs which are telecast on different channels  in Indian English by keeping in mind the basic sentence structure and a good level of vocabulary  by trying to imitate the situations and sentences used in such programs.
6. A student who is an aspirant of spoken english should psychologically convert his mind in such a manner that he or she should always keep thinking in English and keep searching English equivalent words for the Hindi words so that he or she can replace those Hindi words into English easily for that he/she can use his cell phone, internet , Google ,Wiki dictionary etc.

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