Monday, November 29, 2021

Words that we all mispronounce

English language in India has still been considered to be a language of the educated people and it is mostly used in the circumstances where we want to  show that we belong to this  highly educated minority.
Most of us mispronounce almost every third word of English language in India.
Before I give you the list of the most mispronounced words in the English language used  in India let us talk about what are the reasons behind this mispronunciation and what are the other factors that stop us from correcting ourselves.
I would also like to talk about the  concepts of fossilization ,mother tongue interference , over generalisation ,simple formation of the sentences ,lack of the use of all the tenses, less creativity in the framing of sentences in English and a phobia to use correct pronunciation that the people in front of us would either laugh on us or they would not be able to understand that. 
There are many other factors also that belong to a typical phonetics or phonology that we Indians adopt with the mechanism when we use our mother tongue that is Hindi or Haryanvi or Marwadi or Punjabi or Gujarati or Marathi or  Kashmiri or Bengali or Assamese . Everybody knows that in our South Indian languages how the use of South Indian languages has msrred and harmed the English pronunciation of the South Indians when they speak English.
Indians are mostly unaware of the concept of breaking of an English word into syllables.
Indians also pay a very less attention on the stress pattern which is the soul of English pronunciation.
Indians also don't pay  the required attention  to the rising and falling tone when they speak English.
Indians mostly  don't bother about the inquiring tone ,assertive tone, exclamations etc. 
Indians never pay a single hoot to learn the real pronunciation or the dictionary pronunciation of a particular word .They  continue unaffectedly and uninterruptedly  with their own pronunciation without any aspiration , without paying attention to the bilabial sounds ,fricative sounds  which differentiate the English sounds from the Hindi sounds . They pronounce the words with the same vernacular accent which use when they speak Hindi.
Let let me give you the list of the most common words which are mispronounced by almost every third Indian.

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