Friday, December 3, 2021

A Lecture

Reductionist approach to teach literature has been disseminated by some so called experts and demigods in the field of English Literature NET coaching.
Nascent self-proclaimed  teachers who are not Ph. D will spoil the present generation.
Just to qualify an exam they take recourse to mcqs without sieving the texts.
In literary theory they have not read a single complete book to understand the nuances. How will they train the future professors of India?
Now every self proclaimed mentor has been appeasing the increasing crowd they created in the name of business and justifying their poor and populous yet uncoordinated  unregulated teaching  methods .
Why you students don't have a spark to know the text?
Why don't you read  original stories ?
Who is stopping you from attending seminars and symposia where you can become really intellectual?
Why don't you spend money and time on mentors who are really educated?
Why  do you want to become a Professor without knowledge and passion?
Why can't you improve your vocabulary? 

Why  do you want a job with no skill sets to justify your salary?
Now they are finding faults with NTA syllabus .
I have taught and rejected such students who wanted to drag me according to their whims and idiosyncratic ways of teaching and learning.
Let a teacher be strict .
Hardworking students love to attend my English NET lectures.
My YouTube channel has videos where I have been teaching texts .
Go and see for yourself.
I don't understand why you all want a short video, short notes, mcqs, one liners.
Change your field timely if you want to make India a place of dullards .
Let Universities of India be not a place where garbage accumulates for salary driven inspired minds drool and droop out of lethargy.
Let there be LIGHT. Let there be Life. Let there be  text books .
I want to write more....
Dr Mukesh Kumar Pareek
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